On Monday 8th January Toppesfield welcomed all 350 of their colleagues to Milton Keynes Stadium to host their first Business Engagement Day.

The day kicked off with key updates from our Managing Director, Bill Pryor, and the Board of Directors. The opportunity to have everyone in one room offered a sense of collaboration that resonated throughout the entire event.


Bill Pryor Toppesfield Managing Director

Bill Pryor Managing Director


One of the highlights of the day was an inspiring talk on ‘Mental Wealth’ by Ollie Ollerton from SAS: Who Dares Wins. His insights provided valuable perspectives on well-being and resilience, reinforcing the importance of mental health in the workplace.



In addition to the informative sessions, our PPE supplier showcased the latest items available, encouraging feedback from our team on how we can enhance and tailor our offerings. This interactive engagement ensures that our supplies align perfectly with the needs and preferences of our workforce.

The afternoon session took on a dynamic turn with the ‘Wall Street Winners’ team-building activity. This interactive exercise brought a fun twist to the day, emphasising the crucial role of collaboration in our collective journey towards success.



As the day unfolded, we recognised our ToppTeam’s hard work, dedication, and achievements during the annual ToppTalent Awards. Congratulations to all our winners for their outstanding contributions.

These types of events are pivotal for enhancing teamwork and promoting our #OneToppTeam ethos.