Health and safety

A thorough awareness and understanding of health and safety is threaded through everything we do. We have achieved ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 accreditations, reflecting our comprehensive approach and the quality of the processes we have in place. Our strategy is developed by our SHEQ director and led by our Operations teams to ensure that we are taking all the steps necessary to keep safe and are taking developments into account within related areas such as sustainability.

Toppesfield - Health and Safety

Toppesfield - Health and Safety

Our approach

We ensure that every project is managed on its own merits, making sure that our gangs work safely and in compliance with our HSEQ policies and procedures, as well as those of our customers. Each site is visited prior to works commencing to establish the hazards, risks, and, more importantly, the control measures that need to be implemented to ensure that our works can be completed safely and efficiently. The flexibility of our approach provides opportunities for value engineering, recommending potential improvements and alternative solutions that can be beneficial to the safe and sustainable completion of a contract.

Monitoring our performance

We use Re-flow to seamlessly handle compliance and documentation during a project. This ensures that our management team have a ‘live’ overview of each site’s performance, our gangs can send over paperwork efficiently, and information can be shared with our customers easily. The data collected through Re-flow are also used to set the agenda at our yearly health and safety days, allowing us to develop our approach and share our findings with the entire ToppTeam.

Encouraging ownership

We avoid a top-down approach to health and safety, encouraging feedback from all levels of the company so that everyone has ownership of our processes. This ensures that our gangs are fully engaged with the control measures we put in place throughout a project, are aware of their responsibilities on site, and are prepared to act proactively to ensure the safety of our people, partners, and the public. We uphold a simple but effective ethos throughout all our operations – Plan safe, work safe, home safe.

Training our team

No task is so important that it can’t be performed safely. By investing in training, we ensure that all our team members are able to work responsibly and carry out their duties safely and effectively. Training is an important component of our commitment to professional development, ensuring every member of our team is presented with opportunities to learn and improve. We will ensure that each operative assigned to a project has received all the training required for their role, guaranteeing full compliance.

  • 100% SSSTS within senior operational management, supervisors, and foremen
  • 100% SMSTS within senior operational management and supervisors
  • 100% CSCS
  • 100% CPCS/NPORS

Investing in PPE

Our team are fully equipped with all the PPE needed to carry out their work safely and responsibly. We’ve established a close relationship with our PPE supplier, allowing each of our foremen to purchase replacement equipment for the members of their gang and have it delivered to the individual’s home address the following day. This allows them to take responsibility and avoid a lengthy procurement process, ensuring nothing gets in the way of working safely.

Our team will wear the following PPE on site at all times, as well as additional task and site-specific items where necessary:

  • Helmet
  • Safety glasses (machine lay)
  • Class 3 high visibility long-sleeve tops and bottoms
  • Gloves
  • Metatarsal protection boots

Contact Toppesfield

Call 01473 829129 or email to see how our health and safety strategy informs our approach and discover how we will ensure your surfacing projects are completed responsibly. Our expert team are always happy to answer any questions.