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Selecting the right sports surface

Many sports require a specialist surface to ensure that players have the best possible conditions. The performance of a sports surface is critical and, as a result, it is important to work with an experienced surfacing contractor who understands exactly how to meet your requirements. Depending on the sport in question, the technical specifications of the surface will also differ, and these are often regulated by sporting bodies such as the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA).

How is a runway resurfaced?

Working on live infrastructure within the aviation and defence sectors requires significant preparation and the support of an experienced surfacing contractor to minimise disruption and deliver a high-quality result. The time-sensitive nature of these resurfacing projects translates into higher risk for both the contractor and the client. For the client, it is essential that the runway is out of action for the shortest possible period. For the contractor, the need to produce the required result amidst challenging operational circumstances creates the potential for reputational risk.

How to choose the right car park surface

The best material for your car park surface will always depend on your individual requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all option that is guaranteed to offer optimum performance under all circumstances. In order to determine the right option for your car park surface, you should work with an experienced surfacing contractor that has the skills and expertise to understand your needs and meet them effectively.

Overcoming access limitations

Access limitations can pose significant logistical challenges within surfacing projects, particularly in terms of the delivery of materials. These restrictions are particularly common within the rail sector, where platform surfacing works must be carefully programmed to overcome the lack of space on site for materials and plant. As with any project involving live infrastructure, the need to minimise disruption also makes these projects time-sensitive and creates higher risk for the contractor and client. An experienced surfacing contractor will be able to demonstrate the detailed planning and preparation that are needed to deliver the required result despite operational challenges.

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