Digital innovation

We’ve embraced Re-flow’s management software, streamlining our workflows, removing paper from site operations, and supporting our gangs with all the information they need throughout a project. The seamless integration of our processes from site through to invoicing ensures maximum efficiency and prevents anything from being missed.

Instant Feedback


Re-flow provides complete visibility for site operations, allowing our management team to receive instant feedback on progress, as well as all the information needed to monitor the quality of our work and ensure full compliance. As a result, customers working with Toppesfield can have complete confidence in our approach and processes, knowing that we maintain a thorough understanding of every aspect of their project. Plus, as a UK-wide contractor, Re-flow allows us to maintain this oversight and attention to detail regardless of the number of projects we’re working on or their location.

Working sustainably

The adoption of Re-flow has allowed us to eliminate paper from our site operations, reducing the unnecessary consumption of resources and contributing towards our strategic goals for the environment. As well as reflecting our commitment to investing in technology and establishing lean processes, Re-flow has enabled us to work in a more responsive manner, avoiding delays and ensuring that projects can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Monitoring performance

The data collected and shared within Re-flow are used to inform our approach and develop the skills within our gangs. We establish KPIs to monitor the performances of individual team members and gangs, ensuring that everyone receives the support they need to thrive within their roles, develop their skill sets, and continue delivering quality results. Information collected throughout the year is also used to set the agenda at our yearly, company-wide health and safety days, allowing us to measure and improve our performance in this vital area.


Re-flow is the go-to point of reference for all our site operations. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the platform has made it an integral part of our workflow. In fact, we found that Re-flow became second nature with minimal training. For our customers, the degree of support for the software amongst our team makes it simple and straightforward to gather and share information about their projects. Our processes ensure that information is already aggregated internally, making it easy to present to external stakeholders.

Toppesfield using Re-flow to transform information exchange, risk management and compliance

Health and Safety management at Toppesfield made fast and simple with Re-flow

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