Toppesfield SPF-8 Road Widener - Toppesfield

The first of its kind in operation in the UK. The Toppesfield SPF-8 Road Widener brings an innovative approach to the delivery of asphalt, cement, and granular materials.

The SPF-8 Road Widener has the capability of laying material 2.5 meters either side of its central hopper. Hydraulic push rollers situated at the front of the plant allows material tippers to be pushed along for a consistent supply. This means less cold joints in the delivery, increasing the structural quality and durability of the pavement.

The hopper has a capacity of holding 5 tonnes of asphalt so the SPF-8 Road Widener is able to deliver to narrow or restricted areas where a tipper may not be able to reach. This eliminates the need to double handle materials, guaranteeing a more consistent material laying temperature.

Offering greater productivity and versatility than the more traditional and labour intensive methods, this approach is ideal for; road widening, central reservation construction, cycleways, and footpath delivery.

The Toppesfield SPF-8 Road Widener results in greater delivery efficiency leading to programme enhancements and due to a reduction in labour and plant requirements, increased site safety.


  • Reduced material waste
  • Safer working environment
  • Increased delivery productivity
  • Consistent material laying temperatures
  • Improved management of material deliveries
  • Reduced plant requirements