Matt directs results driven delivery from initial client engagement to project completion in Toppesfield’s Midlands & North Region. His expertise lies in infusing innovation into client solutions through our ToppBase and Technical teams. With a meticulous focus on efficient pipeline management, Matt ensures projects are delivered on time, within budget, and enriched with cutting-edge advancements. His hands-on approach extends to on-site inspections, guaranteeing safe, effective, and efficient project delivery.

Internally, Matt fosters a culture of continuous improvement, championing best practices and instilling a ‘whole company’ perspective to motivate his team. Collaborating seamlessly with supply chain partners, he drives innovation and value addition, positioning Toppesfield as a leader in the industry. Additionally, Matt spearheads the growth of our recycling and material division, actively promoting ToppBase. With his dynamic approach and unwavering commitment to technical excellence, Matt is the driving force behind Toppesfield’s success in the Midlands & North Region.

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