As General Manager for Toppesfield’s Midlands and North Region, Elle holds responsibility for overseeing both commercial and operational delivery across the region. With a strong background in commercial management, she is adept at driving added value for clients with strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail.

In her role, Elle coordinates a wide array of responsibilities, from managing costings to ensuring seamless coordination through our Operations Team. A critical aspect of her role includes optimising supply chain efficiency and nurturing strong supplier relationships, which are vital to the success of our projects. Elle’s expertise in supplier relations ensures that we have reliable, high-quality resources and services that meet our standards and deadlines.

Since joining the Toppesfield team in 2017, Elle’s background in commercially driven roles underscores her commitment to delivering results-focused outcomes. Within the collaborative environment fostered by her teams, Elle leverages the integration of her commercial and operational expertise to drive innovative solutions and deliver projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. Her strategic approach to supply chain management and supplier relations further enhances our operational capabilities, ensuring we maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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