Toppesfield recently completed surfacing works on the M25 Junction 16 – Junction 18 for Skanska on behalf of Connect Plus.

Due to the volume of traffic on this stretch of road it was vital that works did not over run and impact negatively on the hundreds of thousands of motorists who use this route.

To maximise efficiencies we used warm asphalt, a sustainable, low temperature asphalt. Supplied at 40 degrees C lower than a hot equivalent, warm asphalt provides many advantages whilst also giving conventional benefits of a standard asphalt.

Warm asphalt has a reduced cooling time, in comparison to standard asphalt. Therefore, by using warm asphalt on this busy stretch of carriageway we were able to maximise the working window and minimise disruption to road users.

The reduced cooling time also allowed for multiple layers to be laid quickly, again ensuring the road could be opened to traffic sooner.

As a cooler asphalt, this product also has environmental benefits. The asphalt requires less energy during manufacturer, generating fewer carbon emissions and helping reduce the carbon footprint.