Toppesfield has undertaken additional measures to ensure that its staff stay healthy and safe during the summer.

Warm weather can cause dehydration, overheating and general discomfort, especially to operational personnel working with hot materials outdoors in heavy PPE.

The company has provided these employees with high-vis trousers, made from thinner material and high-vis, long sleeved, polo shirts that provide SPF 50 protection.

Light weight trousers keep each operative cooler, while the protective shirts mean they only have to wear one layer on the torso.

The tops are an anti-moisture fabric- the garment does not absorb sweat and, so, does not become heavy.

The new PPE is cooler and protective against damaging levels of UVA, which reduces the risk of overheating and dehydration. In turn, these features create higher levels of comfort in the heat, that leads to increased operational productivity.