The Toppesfield team undertook a new role this week, forming a Jury for a mock trial of Bob Walker, a fictitious Foreman, brought to court following the death of a colleague under his supervision.

The format of this year’s Engagement Day was very different from previous years and successfully delivered a powerful message about the dangers of cutting corners on site and the devastating impact a lack of care and attention can have.  A fictitious scenario of a day on site was filmed on location at the A5/ M1 contract which we are carrying out for Costain Carrillion JV and we extend our thanks to them again for supporting this.  Instantly from an early morning start, all the team were able to see how poor decisions and cutting corners ultimately resulted in the death of a colleague.

A realistic mock trial took place, which included a real life County Court Judge and Prosecuting Barrister, where all the factors that led to the incident taking place were examined.  As this was played out in court we were able to see how the incident unfolded, what went wrong, and the consequences and impact of the poor decisions made on that tragic day.

Following the Jury’s guilty verdict an interactive session took place where we discussed what should have been done differently, and we were able to put questions about the trial to John Lawrence, County Court Judge, and Peter Asteris, Prosecuting Barrister.

The aim of the day was to deliver and share a very important message about Safety. The format, content and delivery of the day certainly achieved this and kept all of the team engaged from start to finish.  The feedback to date from many employees, clients and supply chain partners has been extremely positive particularly in terms of the message hitting home due to the way that the events literally unfolded in front of our eyes.