Toppesfield recognises that its product and business operations have an influence on the environment and is committed to the continual minimisation of the impact of its works and the protection and enhancement of the environment. Through adhering to this policy and the implementation, maintenance and development of an environmental management system we shall improve our corporate environmental performance.

We Shall:

  • Manage our operations and activities to comply with all legislation, regulations and industry codes, licences and other commitments associated with our environmental impact.
  • Endeavour to make available a choice of recycled products as well as those originating from managed sources or operating to a certificated environmental management system.
  • Set, maintain, review and revise, environmental objectives and targets with the aim of continually improving our environmental performance.
  • Require suppliers to identify their environmental impacts and follow responsible working practices to minimise any negative impacts.
  • Seek, where possible, raw materials from environmentally responsible sources and encourage the use of sustainable materials.
  • Endeavour to reduce the consumption of fuel, energy and water and use renewable and/or recyclable resources wherever possible.
  • Undertake best practice for waste disposal, ensuring a hierarchy of waste control is observed waste arising from its operations shall be prevented, reduced, re-used and re-cycled in order of importance.

Our employees are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with our environmental policy and objectives. Dialogue and briefings will be maintained to ensure that all employees are aware of the environmental policy and employees will be provided with the information, instruction and training required to fully implement and operate this policy.

We shall conduct regular environmental reviews to ensure compliance with our Environmental Management System. We aim to be an environmentally responsible organisation by actively improving environmental performance and showing a dedicated commitment to the prevention of pollution in accordance with the BS EN ISO14001 standard for environmental management.