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Integrated Paver


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A good bond coat between asphalt layers is critical to ensuring the longevity of a new surface. When working on time critical sites with short working windows, such as the M25, the bond-coat breaking time following the application through a conventional tanker sprayer is often compromised. This can lead to pick-up of bond coat by delivery lorries and the paver in the wheel track, which is the most highly stressed part of any pavement. An integrated paver demonstrates zero pick up, improving the life span of the surface.

Our Work

Toppesfield were awarded the maintenance contract for the M25 in 2017 and have been working in collaboration with Skanska, end client Connect Plus, and Business Partners FM Conway to deliver a full suite of plant, labour and material, whilst continually assessing the efficiency of the process and identifying opportunities to improve the delivery quality.

Results & Achievements

  • Fast & Flexible – Excellent delivery when working on time critical sites.
  • Results – Guaranteed bond-coat coverage and an instant break.

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