Echelon Paving

Echelon Paving

A1(M) Bound Pavement Framework (East of England)



Echelon Paving

Traditional plane and inlay works introduce two longitudinal joints to the pavement, each joint being a potential weak point in the pavement. Echelon Paving, a method where two pavers lay asphalt adjacent to each other, removes a longitudinal joint from the pavement by allowing ‘hot matching’ of the two laid mats to create a seamless finish. Employing their own extensive resources Toppesfield successfully paved 9,000m2 of carriageway in a single shift utilising this method.

Results & Achievements

Eliminating over 1.1km of longitudinal joint for client, Highways England, Toppesfield have successfully extended the potential life of the carriageway by removing this weak point in the pavement. From their technical and planning expertise through to their operational excellence in delivery Toppesfield have provided best value and increased asset resilience to their client.

“Highways England continually strives, in working with our supply chain partners, to achieve the best possible solution when resurfacing a carriageway. In applying this tried and tested method Toppesfield have demonstrated their commitment, ensuring the traveling public get the best results possible and as such we are delighted with the outcome.”

Steve Smith, Construction Manager, Highways England.

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