Automated Quality Assurance

Improving Data Collection and Safety on Site

Replacing conventional testing undertaken on site by a technician, Automated Quality Assurance (AQA) uses Infra-red sensors and GPS tracking devices on plant to continuously capture data. Using this information a daily record is produced, detailing the constructed asphalt pavement.


  • Material Delivery Temperature
  • Initial Roll Temperature & Number of Passes
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Each Load GPS Referenced
  • Surface Texture & Regularity

The use of AQA also reduces the risks on site by minimising the number of people exposed to the hazards associated with people plant interface.

Traditionally, testing on site involves a technician manually capturing and recording data for every load, often working in close proximity to moving plant and vehicles. By implementing AQA the technician is removed from the working area and the associated risks.

Further benefits to a client are the quality and resolution of data collected using AQA. With data being continually recorded via the infra-red temperature sensors and GPS tracking devices, a highly detailed and accurate report is generated. Additionally, this data can be provided in a format which can then be uploaded directly into the client’s asset management software, helping aid future maintenance decisions and reducing whole life costs.


  • Removal of Site Hazard
  • Improves Data Quality
  • Compatible with Asset Management Systems

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