Steward family resurfacing

Toppesfield give back to their community by resurfacing family’s courtyard, aiding the use of their children’s wheelchairs.

We were thrilled to be able to resurface the Steward family’s road free of charge to enable their children Imogen (8) and Jasper (2) to play safely in their wheelchairs. Imogen and Jasper both have severe neurological conditions which means they both require mobility devices to aid them. The family often use their private court, which they share with their three neighbours, to play. Unfortunately, due to the poor condition of the road it was becoming increasingly difficult and unsafe to do so. Toppesfield received an email in June from their neighbour, Shirley Draper, enquiring about the resurfacing of the area, informing us about the difficulties the family were facing, especially trying to teach their youngest, Jasper (2), how to operate his “Wizzybug”, a motorised wheelchair for very young children. Toppesfield arranged for someone to attend the site that week to measure the area and gauge an understanding of the works involved. Within 14 days from receiving the initial email the area had been resurfaced and both Imogen and Jasper are now able to play safely by their home.

James Beckham and his team who worked hard on the day to hand lay the area said ‘seeing the children come out once the works were completed and to see Imogen operate her wheelchair safely on the new surface was extremely heart-warming. Being able to help the family gave me incredible pride in my work and for Toppesfield’.

Charles Steward thanked the hard-working team stating “what a wonderful, polite, hard-working, and engaging group of workers you have. All of them – so interesting, funny and enthusiastic about their work. It was a privilege to be able to chat with them and watch them go about their work with such pride”. We were told that Imogen’s first words the next morning were “Mummy, can I go and play on the new road?” and then she worryingly asked “the new road is still there, isn’t it?”.

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