South Ealing Road & Chuchfield Road

Murrill Construction



The Project

The Ealing Term Maintenance Framework covers the provision of routine and planned maintenance of highways in the borough. Toppesfield were chosen to support Murrill Construction in the delivery of surfacing works for this framework due to their extensive resources and experience with planned and emergency maintenance works.

The planned works to South Ealing Road, and Chuchfield Road were due to failures in the existing carriageway. The busy residential road is part of the key infrastructure to the borough, Toppesfield were tasked to deliver a durable surface to offer the client asset resilience.

Our Work

The works were delivered over a series of 4 consecutive night shifts, 20:00 – 05:00, which had strict noise restrictions during the hours of 20:00 – 00:00 due to the works being delivered in a residential area.

The area was planed to 50mm, which was then sent to be recycled, saving material being sent to landfill and supporting the creation of more sustainable asphalt products.

Working in alliance with FM Conway, SurePhalt, a material specified by the client as it meets the highest standards required by Clause 942 of the Highways England Specification for Highway Works.

Due to extensive resources and Toppesfield’s excellent planning and communication by their Coordination and Delivery teams, Toppesfield were able to use their own local labor for project delivery, along with a full suite of Toppesfield plant.

Results & Achievements

•Delivered to Schedule

• Causing minimal disruption to the public by operating under noise restitutions

•Recycling of planings – supporting the development of sustainable asphalt materials

•Used Toppesfield own local labor – delivery gang lived within 20 miles of works

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