Rectory Road, Wivenhoe

Rectory Road Resurfacing – Wivenhoe

Astaunton Civil Engineering

Local authority


The Project

Rectory Road, a strategic road running through Wivenhoe Essex, required resurfacing as part of Essex County Council’s flood alleviation scheme. The road often flooded due to poor drainage and road surface. Being a residential area, not only did this cause difficultly gaining access to properties, it also caused traffic delays.

A new drainage system was installed to alleviate water build up on the road surface, it was then decided that the 8000m2 area of road should be resurfaced.

Our Work

Toppesfield delivered over 1,000 tonnes of material for the project, which included Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) and Pre Coated Chips (PCC) for the surface. HRA & PCC was chosen due to its hard-wearing abilities. The delivery had to be carefully managed due to access still being required for the local residents. In addition, adverse weather caused severe delays to the project. However, due to Toppesfield’s extensive resources and careful planning the works were completed to schedule.

The project received a Gold Notice from Essex Highways. Merit was given for the ‘excellent safety’ which was practiced on site which constantly required work location movement. In addition, local residents commented on how friendly and professional all site operatives had been and how tidy the work area was for the duration.

Results & Achievements

  • Delivered to Schedule
  • Received Gold Notices from Essex Highways.
  • A local resident gave special thanks to Toppesfield’s Supervisor who took time on site to show their grandson the surfacing plant and teach the young boy how a road is resurfaced.

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