Pride Park Service Station


Pride Park Service Station

Barnfield Construction



The Project

Derby City Council agreed for improvements to Pride Park in Derby with the development of land that was previously home to two large gas holders. The new site consists of a drive-thru coffee shop, a convenience shop and filling station, along with 40 parking spaces. The site will also boost the local economy through both direct employment opportunities, set to create 44 new jobs, and indirect employment through the supply chain.

Our Work

Working with client Barnfield Construction, the project looked to reduce its carbon. Toppesfield were able to support this by offering ToppBase, a range of Toppesfield’s sustainable pavement solutions, which offer a reduction in carbon compared to traditional asphalt alternatives.

Designed in accordance with project specifications, ToppBase complies with SHW Clause 948, BSI Accredited ISO 9001:2015 and meets all relevant environmental and performance standards in accordance with the Environment Agency’s regulatory position statement 075.

Results & Achievements

Using 500t of ToppBase as the base course meant the project saw a saving of 27.43 tonnes of CO2. The same amount of carbon is produced by driving 195,000 miles.

‘Toppesfield sustainable pavement solution ToppBase was a excellent material choice for this project due to it offering a significant reduction in carbon in comparison to traditional asphalt alternatives. Working with their in-house technical team and skilled operations department they delivered this project to our specifications and we are very pleased with the end result.’

Chris Lee, Contracts Manager, Barnsfield Construction

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