Lincolnshire Term Maintanence – Pelham Bridge

Balfour Beatty



The Project

On the 7th of June 2021, one of Lincolnshire’s longest and busiest bridges, Pelham Bridge closed for 11 weeks to undertake critical repairs. The bridge which opened in 1958, had sustained structural weakening due to salt and water exposure to the joints.

Teams of skilled workers, including Toppesfield, worked in collaboration with Lincolnshire County Council to waterproof the bridge which needed to be completely stripped back and rebuilt.

Our Work

Working for a valued client Balfour Beatty on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, Toppesfield have been contracted to deliver the term maintenance contract for the county. As part of this project, there were requirements to deliver two separate schemes of work which were along the same stretch of road. Pelham bridge off Cannock Road required resurfacing due to poor drainage on the surface. The additional scheme saw Toppesfield requiring the need to resurface the adjoining stretch of Cannock Road to the new bridge deck.

Due to Toppesfield’s self-delivery model, excellent logistics and planning Toppesfield were able to deliver both schemes simultaneously, reducing joins and offering increased asset resilience to the end client.

The project saw Toppesfield plane to a depth of 280mm. The road was finished with hot rolled asphalt (HRA) and pre coated chips (PCC). The use of this material offered further strengthening to the surface due to its density and increased skid resistance.

Results & Achievements

• Delivered to Schedule

• Delivering both schemes consecutively increased asset resilience to the end

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