Paddington Station

Paddington Station

Network Rail



The Project

As part of Crossrail enabling works forming part of one hundred million pounds worth of improvement works Toppesfield was contracted to resurface platforms at Paddington Station, following widening and extension by the main contractor.

Our Work

The resurfacing was completed during the Christmas shut down and was part of wider engineering works. Tight closure times and restricted access, which meant material had to be transported through the station, required meticulous communication between Toppesfield and its supply chain to ensure deliveries were flexible and timely.

With tight working windows granting 4 hours of access per shift, Toppesfield worked closely with the client and supply chain partners to have all works completed over two shifts.

Due to the restricted access and difficulties moving material Toppesfield were able to utilise their large workforce and have 20 operatives on each shift to support the swift and safe delivery of material. In addition, all staff were required to have an Archilles accreditation to work on the project, which Toppesfield were able to guarantee at tender stage due to their exceptional training standards.

Results & Achievements

On the night changes to the scope of the works were issued by the client. Toppesfield’s excellent project management and supply chain relationships meant that no delays were caused.

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