Olympic Park Waterworks Bridge

Olympic Park Waterworks Bridge Renovation


Local authority


The Project

Using sustainable techniques, Thames Water set out to renovate the Victorian sewage works and Waterworks Bridge at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. As part of this project, our client MacRebur were hired to supply asphalt material for the surfacing of the bridge, which we then laid.

MacRebur removes part of the bitumen in an asphalt mix and replaces this with their specially designed and mixed plastic waste material. Using plastic that would otherwise go to landfill, this project saw the equivalent of 1.1 million single use plastic bags used in the surfacing of the bridge, which will be used primarily as a cycle and pathway, as well as an access route for authorised vehicles.

Our Work

Toppesfield laid MacRebur’s MR6 material in the main carriageway and their MR8 material in the pathways, mixed with SMA 20 binder and 10 SMA Surface course.

Results & Achievements

Recycled plastic content equivalent to 1.1 million single use plastic bags.

‘Using our new environmentally friendly recycled plastic mix, the Waterworks Bridge Renovation was not a standard surfacing contract. However, the project was highly viable and Toppesfield were professionals throughout. They worked tirelessly with the client to make sure it was completed to the highest of standards in the shortest time. On all our projects in the Capital we will be going directly to Toppesfield first time, every time.’

Ben Williamson, Development Manager, MacRebur Ltd

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