Old Street, London, Civil Project Framework

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The Project

Old Street is a National Rail and Underground station in central London, previously encircled by Old Street roundabout. In 2020 Transport for London (TFL) began major works to remove the roundabout to form a peninsula-style junction, reintroducing two way traffic movement, and adding additional bus lanes. The reconstruction was designed to improve safety, with the installation of fully segregated cycle lanes alongside new pedestrian crossings.

Due to the roundabout’s complex and busy location on the inner ring road, above an Underground and Network Rail station, the project had to be carefully planned and delivered.

Our Work

Toppesfield were contracted to deliver a series of works to Old Street Roundabout over three years.

Supporting the installation of the new two-way system Toppesfield delivered major reconstruction works to the road surrounding Old Street Station. To assist with the widening of the road and supporting the installation of additional lanes Toppesfield undertook the planing of the existing pavement allowing for the realignment, releveling and total resurfacing of the area.

To minimise disturbances to traffic flow Toppesfield worked collaboratively with their client, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, to implement a safe system in which works could be carried out under traffic management whilst the road remained partially open, in addition to occasional full closures.

To maximise efficiency Toppesfield’s operational team carefully planned their delivery, rotating gangs over a series of day and night shifts to allow for works to be safely and continuously delivered. Identifying time restraints Toppesfield were able to facilitate the echelon paving technique, a method where two pavers lay asphalt adjacent to each other. Due to their vast resources and dedicated delivery team the benefit of echelon paving allowed for shorter delivery time as well as a seamless finish to the pavement removing the longitudinal joint, extending the potential life of the pavement.

Results & Achievements

• Toppesfield’s self-delivery model facilitated the Echelon paving technique, extending the potential life of the pavement

• Works were delivered to schedule and under traffic management, minimising disturbances to a busy London location

• Working collaboratively with the client and supply chain partner to facilitate three year programme of works

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