Emergency Patch M2 J5-6

Area 4 Maintenance and Response Contract

Emergency Patch – M2 J5-6

Kier Highways



The Project

Toppesfield are the surfacing contractor delivering routine maintenance as well as incident response for the Area 4 Maintenance and Response contract. Working on behalf of valued client Kier, the contract runs until 2027.

Commencing in November 2020 the contract is responsible for over 130km of motorway (M2, M20 & M23), 320km of trunk road and over 1,000 structures, including the A20 Roundhill Tunnel and the A27 Southwick Tunnel.

Our Work

On Friday 13th November 2020, we delivered our first emergency patch repairs on the M2, J5-6, due to a lorry fire.

At 15:30 on Friday Toppesfield received a call from our client to inform us that emergency works were required on the M2 for a patch repair to lane one and the hard shoulder between Junction 5 and 6.

Toppesfield’s highly adaptable team worked quickly to allocate resources and it is thanks to this effort, along with the excellent relationship and lines of communication with Kier Highways and our supply chain, that Toppesfield arrived on site at 16:30. After successfully delivering the works, the road was handed back to our client at 20:15.

Event Timeline

08:00: Call from client advising potential emergency works.

15:30: Confirmation of works

  • 30m Lane 1
  • 60m Hard-shoulder
  • 250m2 total

16:30: Toppesfield mobilised on site

  • Damaged area planed to 50mm depth, swept, joints cut and Bondcoat applied
  • 40t of 14mm SurePhalt laid (supplied by FM Conway)

20:15: Site cleared and handover to client complete.

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