Apprentice wins National Award

Toppesfield Apprentice Wins National Award

The Task

Toppesfield are proud to support many of their employees through apprenticeships, degrees and other qualifications. After joining Toppesfield as an operative in 2016, Adam Dalton found that he had an interest in mechanics and engineering, stemming from his personal hobbies.

Our Action

Toppesfield recognised Adam’s desire to progress in his career. After employing him as a Trainee Fitter it was evident that Adam was extremely competent at his work, so endeavoured to support him through his apprenticeship.

The Achievement

Adam Dalton has been named the Level 3 Winner of the ‘Stars of The Future’ award 2019, for his apprenticeship in Mechanics and Engineering.

‘I believe I have been able to thrive within the apprentice format because it applauds the ethic of hard work, competence and self-motivation, or in layman’s terms ‘You will get out, what you put in’. Toppesfield took a chance on a young ambitious kid, put him through college and supported his progression. As a result of all the challenges and miles on the road I’ve found myself competent and confident going into the future, for that I’m so grateful to the Toppesfield family and especially all of the maintenance department.’

Adam Dalton, Toppesfield LTD

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