A6 Wilstead Bypass

A6 Wilstead Bypass

Henderson & Taylor



The Project

Major reconstruction of the A6 was required as the road had become dangerous due to structural failures within the carriageway. The A6 linking Bedford and Luton, and also a major route feeding into the A421 trunk road. The road was fully reconstructed over 1.4km with an additional 1.65km of carriageway resurfaced.

Our Work

Achieving continuously high outputs, with shifts averaging over 1,000t of material laid per day, Toppesfield utilised a material feeder to ensure that the finished product was delivered to a high standard. In total Toppesfield installed over 12,000m2 of Base, 19,000m2 of Binder and 22,000m2 of Thin Surface Course, working closely with our client to achieve all the programme deadlines.

Results & Achievements

  • Fast & Flexible – A critical section of the works were undertaken over a 36-hour period, with a rotation of gangs working continuously throughout, causing minimal disruption to the traveling public.
  • Excellent Delivery – Works delivered with a high-quality finish and defect free.

“The experience of using Toppesfield on the A6 Wilstead bypass was nothing short of positive. Excellent quality control and throughout the multiple phased project. With excellent attention to detail with all aspects of the delivery. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years and experienced all aspects of the laying practices at all levels, including the actual laying process, rarely have I come across level control in all layers, excellent compaction results and a quality surface course in terms of compliance to standard with testing. First class service from inception to completion.”

Matt Burridge, Surfacing Director, Henderson & Taylor

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