Garedon Park Development, A6 Roundabout

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The Project

Garedon Park development is a new housing complex situated next to Loughborough. The development includes 3,200 new houses, 16 hectares of land for employment use, a new local centre, and two new primary schools, along with a range of other amenities.

The new development is situated off the A6, which runs from Bedfordshire to Cumbria.

Our Work

Working for valued client C3 Construction Toppesfield installed the full infrastructure of a new roundabout off the A6. The roundabout was designed to provide access to the new Garedon Park development and ease traffic congestion. The project saw Toppesfield deliver 5,170 tonnes of material to the roundabout and approaching lanes. This included the delivery of 670 tonnes of 10mm Ultipave surface course, chosen for its excellent durability, accommodating for the increase In traffic flow.

Toppesfield’s experienced operatives worked under traffic management restrictions, to allow for the continued use of the A6, and provide continued access to the housing complex.

Collaboration with the client was vital to ensure works did not disturb the ongoing development. Toppesfield successfully worked with the client to form new crossovers, allowing the work to be completed throughout two phases, avoiding disruptions and allowing works to be carried out safely and productively.

Results & Achievements

• Collaboration with the client, to avoid disruptions to the ongoing development

• Helped ease traffic congestion and provide access to the new housing complex

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