Why Choose Toppesfield? - Toppesfield

Founded by Chairman Matthew Pryor in 2004, Toppesfield has grown from strength to strength and has risen to its current position as the UK’s largest independent surfacing contractor. Delivering projects nationwide, Toppesfield is the first name in surfacing, no matter what the size, sector or location.

We pride ourselves on delivering successful, high quality and budget friendly projects, regardless of the shape or size of the work required. From the infrastructure for a sports stadium or a major highways project, to a single tennis court or school playground, we deliver a full suite of surfacing and associated services to the highest possible standard. This is achieved by our continual commitment to the following aspects of our business ethos:

Customer focus
Meeting our customers’ needs is at the forefront of our business and consistently achieving this ensures that they will continue to rely on and trust us in the future. At every opportunity we try to add value to our customers’ projects – understanding how they work and anticipating future needs enables us to develop innovative, high performance, solutions that further enhance our own business values and simultaneously offer a high calibre performance to our customers. With our expert technical knowledge and support, we help our clients deliver their projects right first time, safely and within budget.

Working with our customers is just as important as working for them. As a family owned and run business, we can ensure a tight knit project team both commercially and operationally, along with consistent customer contact throughout the lifespan of any project. In order to fully understand and achieve our customers’ goals, we continuously strive to collaborate with them at all levels of their business to ensure a gratifying experience from start to finish and a first class end result, not only for their project but also for their company as a whole.

Toppesfield’s market independence is one of the largest contributing factors to why our clients can choose us with confidence. As an independent contractor we have the freedom to source our materials from any given supplier or asphalt plant within the UK – a luxury not afforded to contractors who have their own asphalt plants. For our clients, this means that not only can we offer the market’s best value regardless of project size or location, but we can also ensure our materials are sourced locally, in the safest, fastest and most reliable manner.

Flexibility and Responsiveness
Understanding and performing within our customer’s schedules is an integral part of our business. We will always do everything we can to work with our client to over-achieve and bring projects in on time. Operating out of seven offices and five depots that span the UK, along with owning over £12m of fleet and plant, our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that we will consistently achieve targets and reliably complete our work. We can also give them confidence in knowing that, should we need to be reactive to any unforeseen situations that may arise, we can do so quickly, efficiently and safely.