As part of our continued commitment to support the communities we work in Toppesfield offer all employees a benefit of one paid day per year to undertake a volunteering activity and make a meaningful contribution to a community programme where they live. Fran Davey, our Marketing Manager, recently used her day to volunteer for Project 21, a charity with a difference, running innovative events, activities and clubs for people with Down’s Syndrome in East Anglia.

Speaking to Fran about the opportunity she discussed how the benefit is ‘absolutely brilliant’ and that she is ‘proud to work for a company that takes supporting communities seriously’. She continued ‘I volunteer for Project 21 on Saturdays and absolutely love spending time there. Seeing the excitement from all the students as we spend 3 hours dancing, laughing and celebrating everyone’s weekly successes is a joy to be a part of. I knew I wanted to use my volunteer day to support the group at their half term workshop.’

Alex Munn, founder of Project 21 spoke about the importance of volunteers to charities ‘Volunteers play a key part in our Project 21 team – I’m not sure where we’d be without them! They bring so much enthusiasm, passion and care, as well as giving their time so willingly. We are really grateful and always appreciate people who go the extra mile for us. Our members with Down’s Syndrome look forward to seeing the Volunteers every week, and they quickly become part of the Project 21 Family’.

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