Integrated Paver

We continue to invest in the latest machinery supporting our self-delivery model with the purchase of an Vogele Sprayjet Integrated Paver at the beginning of the year.

Guaranteed bond-coat coverage and an instant break are just some of the reasons why Toppesfield now use an integrated paver on the M25 and Highways England schemes. “It’s well known that a good bond between asphalt layers is critical to ensuring that a new pavement performs long term” says Toppesfield’s Highways Director, Nigel Green. “When working on time critical sites with short working windows the bond-coat breaking time following the application through a conventional tanker sprayer can be compromised. This can lead to pick-up of bond-coat by delivery lorries and the paver in the wheel track which is the most highly stressed part of any pavement. By using an integrated paver Toppesfield can demonstrate that there is zero pick-up which helps improve the lifespan of our client’s pavements”.