Economical and energy saving asphalt

ToppFoam is an effective and economical foamed bitumen asphalt that incorporates recycled aggregates. ToppFoam can be used as a sustainable alternative to traditional asphalt base and binder course materials, saving both time and labour costs.

Plant & Equipment
We own and operate our own plant and equipment, enabling us to manage your requirements from production through to material laying. We operate a mobile plant which enables us to move between contracts across the UK.

Why choose ToppFoam
The benefits of using ToppFoam include:FullSizeRender
• Manufactured from recycled aggregates
• Reduced costs
• Minimises waste
• Minimises environmental impact
• Aids sustainability

Product options
Available in two grades, Structural and Storage, ToppFoam is formulated to meet the requirements of the Specification for Highway Works Clause 948.

Can be used as a direct replacement for DBM/HDM50 base and binder course materials in all categories of roads. It can also be used as a stabilised FC3 and 4 sub-base
layers. Applications include:
• Motorways
• Trunk roads
• Primary highway networks
• Minor roads
• Airfields

For lightly trafficked roads and footpaths, supplied and laid cold. A single layer can be used as a substitute for multiple layers and can be stored for up to 6 weeks, for call off as and when it’s required. Applications include:
• Footpaths and cycle paths
• Housing estate roads
• Rural roads
• Warehouses/car parks
• Emergency repair

For more information about ToppFoam please contact us on 01473 829129, or via email: